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الورق والرق

Lined Paper
Our Company manufactures the lined paper used in general by private authorities, schools, houses, which is indispensable to any organization, authority, or any general or private company. Also the students of schools and faculties use it for several purposes and our company manufactures some of...
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Notebooks, Block notes and Spiral Binding Notebooks
Interpap Co. is one of the leading companies in the field of producing different kinds and types of notebooks in the Arab Republic of Egypt. These products are distinguished by their variety, and high quality. They are also considered to be the most acceptable products by the consumer in the...
المجموعة: ورقة
You will be pleasantly surprised when you will buy a Intepap notebook, as we have added attractive features in order for it to be an entertaining tool in addition to being an educational one. Our Company was the first to design a cover with seven deliberate mistakes. When both sides of...
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