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Lined Paper
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Lined Paper

Our Company manufactures the lined paper used in general by private authorities, schools, houses, which is indispensable to any organization, authority, or any general or private company. Also the students of schools and faculties use it for several purposes and our company manufactures some of these products in a colored type.
In our production, Interpap Co. depend on the most recent production lines originating from the largest companies in West Germany specializing in producing different notebook lines, with full automation, as the machine produces the notebook from A to Z. This by-passes the steps of lining blank paper, printing margins, paper counting, to have a notebook of 28 sheets, 60 sheets or 80 sheets, and afterwards dressing the cover to the printed paper, stapling them from the middle, then on to the final stage, which is cutting the notebook from three directions to become a good product at the end. Finally, the worker collects the notebook from the last stage of the machine (this being the only manual stage that we have in the notebook production) to be packed in a parcel of Nylon ensuring complete protection from all climatic factors
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